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Change Log
2022-11-29, 12:07

Feb 27, 2012 — Notify Users module, ver. 0.5 released — user can choose between sending single message to the whole group of recipients (old behavior) and sending individual messages for each recipient (...) »

2013-01-28, 08:32

19 студзеня 2013 у Гродне трагічна загінуў паэт, журналіст і мой сябар Юры Гумянюк, якому дзесяць гадоў раней выдаў я кнігу паэзіі „Вуліца тыгровых архідэяў”. Чытаць (...) »

2009-10-14, 07:19

The site is devoted to Belarusian literary works and translations. It was designed and created at the request of my brother Jan who did many such translations in the (...) »

2009-01-12, 20:46

Late November 2008 marked the 20th anniversary of the official founding of the Belarusian Association of Students in Poland (BAS; Belarusian: Беларускае Аб’яднаньне Студэнтаў; Polish: (...) »

2008-11-30, 09:04

I attached to the Podlachian converter tool a small page that presents this language in writing and speaking. As many other micro-languages, my native Podlachian will probably (...) »

2008-11-01, 20:46

Two main days of the festival in Bielsk did not exhaust what the event offered its fans this year. Some artists staged additional concerts in Hajnówka, Orla, and Białystok (the concert (...) »