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Change Log
2022-11-29, 13:19

Feb 27, 2012 — Notify Users module, ver. 0.5 released — user can choose between sending single message to the whole group of recipients (old behavior) and sending individual messages for each recipient (...) »

2008-10-15, 12:20

Each time I visit Hrodna, Belarus, I do it with overwhelming joy and interest. My last trip in 2005 coincided with the peak of reconstruction works in the city's historical (...) »

2008-09-22, 17:51

Finally, I found an appropriate thing for posting as my first blog entry. It is my Belarusian-language text written in the late 1999 about a concert presenting the so-called (...) »

2008-09-05, 13:00

Several examples of my AmDictionary PHP5 Class were posted for browsing by its potential users — please see the page „AmDictionary PHP5 Class” in the „Public Domain Software” section. (...) »

2008-08-26, 10:00

On Aug 26, 2008, I finished to redesign and redevelop my site and I made it available from both the main and the development domains. As regards resources (...) »