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My Blog Initialized
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Alaksandar Pamidorau features Jewish folk song „Lomir zich iberbetn”

2008-09-22, 17:51

Finally, I found an appropriate thing for posting as my first blog entry. It is my Belarusian-language text written in the late 1999 about a concert presenting the so-called „Narodny Albom” (Народны Альбом, People’s Collection) — a joint project of Belarusian rock musicians from the Kryvi, Novaye Neba, N.R.M., and Ulis bands.

Recently, the musicians once again visited the city I live and restaged the concert. Their music was no less impressive than 10 years ago. You can watch two clips embedded into the text that I entitled „Narodny Albom 10 years after” (Народны Альбом пасьля 10 гадоў).

The photo on this page was taken by my friend Łukasz Stepaniuk. You can find more photos from this concert at his site.