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19 студзеня 2013 у Гродне трагічна загінуў паэт, журналіст і мой сябар (...) »

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The site Litaratura.org is devoted to Belarusian literary works and translations. (...) »

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Late November 2008 marked the 20th anniversary of the official founding of the Belarusian (...) »

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Translation: Polski

Converters that, for example, make it possible to produce Cyrillic letters without the installation of a specific national keyboard in the operating sytem are very simple for implementation, but they invariably give their users a lot of joy and satisfaction. I can say a few words on this topic because my „Cyrillizer” (a script originally written in Perl that produces Cyrillic letters from basic Latin symbols) helped many students of Belarusian to type their theses.

Another script — currently it has no name — produces symbols that are the base for an alphabet of my native Podlachian micro-language. Podlachian, as yet, has no national keyboard.


Here is a reminder what symbols should be used in the conversion box in order to get specific Podlachian letters. You can produce small Podlachian texts using very basic Latin (...) »


This tool has been moved to subdomain cyr.setpro.pl — гэтая прылада пераехала ў субдамэн cyr.setpro.pl (...) »